Branca Rodríguez Pazos

Category: Civil servant and politician
Birth Place: Vilamaior - Adai (Lugo)

She was deputy mayor and responsible for the Social Welfare Service in the City Council of Lugo. She is also the head of the Disablement Service in the 'Consellería de Sanidad y Servicios Sociales' (Lugo) and member of the board of directors of the Galician Association of Welfare Workers. He filled the following offices: vice-president of the Galician Association of Welfare Workers (1983-85) and president of this association (1985-90), syndical representative of Labour Mutualism (1978-84) and syndical secretary in A Coruña (1982-85), secretary of the Athanaeum in A Coruña (1981-85), member of 'Valle Inclán' Cultural Association (Lugo) and member of the Local and Regional Council of the political party 'BNG'. She was a town councillor, representing the 'BNG' in the City Council of Lugo since 1991 and spokeswoman since 1996. Nowadays, she is provincial delegate of the 'Vicepresidencia da Igualdade e do Benestar'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She likes cultural trips, trekking and reading.