Blanca Cendán

Category: Actress

She is a Galician actress of the 90’s generation. She formed part of ‘Chévere’ Group and was a foundation member of NASA Gallery. She collaborated in ‘ARTELLO’ and ‘Teatro do Morcego’ Theatre Groups, as well as in the Galician Dramatic Centre with ‘Salomé’ by Óscar Wilde, directed by Roberto Vidal Bolaño and John Eastham. She lived in Berlin from 1995 to 1998, where she collaborated in many projects of the Berlin Cinema School with Hannes Stöhr.

 Work & Activities

She worked in TV serials (‘Unha de romanos’ and ‘Fíos’) and cinema in the films ‘La buena caligrafia’ by Alex Sampaio and ‘Galatasaray- Depor’ by Hannes Stöhr.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Nowadays, she teaches Spanish in Austria.