Benito Vicetto Pérez

Category: Novelist and historian
Birth Date: 21st May 1824 († 28th May 1878)
Birth Place: El Ferrol (A Coruña)

After his mother?s death, he volunteered for the Army and took part in the First Carlist War. In 1852, he moved to A Coruña and he was welcome in the literary circles because of his literary production. After 1876, he worked as a civil servant and became the chief of a section until he died.

 Work & Activities

Vicetto?s fiction is very imporatnt. It started in 1844 with the publication of El caballero verde. In 1851 he published a collection of legends titled Crónicas españolas. There are other important novels such as Los Hidalgos de Monforte (1851), Cristina (1852), Rogín Rojal o el paje de los cabellos de oro (1855), Víctor Basbén (1874), Magdalena (1861), El Lago de Limia (1861), Las tres fases de amor (1867), El conde de Amarante (1872). As far as poetry is concerned he published El eco de mi amor in 1864 and his great compilation of poems Ecos del alma in1869. His most important historical work was the seven volumes of Historia de Galicia, which covers from Prehistory until the reign of Isabel II.