José Luis López Sangil

Category: Industrial engineer
Birth Date: 27th March 1938
Birth Place: A Coruña
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He worked in the firm ‘Dragados e Construccións’ in the first years of his professional life. In 1968 he entered the firm ‘Aluminio de Galicia’ in A Coruña as head of maintenance and the aluminium factory of Saint Jean de Maurienne in Francia in 1973. He returned to Spain in 1975, filling the office of general coordinator and director of the project of ‘Fábrica de Aluminio Español – Alúmina Española’ in San Ciprián (Lugo), directing the aluminium plant in 1979. At the end of 1985 he entered again the firm ALCOA INESPAL, S.A. in A Coruña, directing the factory until June 1999. From that moment onwards he filled the office of technical director for the Spanish aluminium factories. Nowadays he is retired.

 Work & Activities

He is an expert on Galician history and nobility of the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries and mainly the monasticism in Galicia, on which he gave many lectures. His works are based on the study of documentary sources of the Galician High Middle Ages. He has got over three thousand volumes about Galician history, especially about the Middle Ages. Nowadays he is the president of the Association of Historical Studies on Galicia. He published many works related to the Galician monasticism, such as those about Santa María de Monfero Monastery (thirteen publications, the last one containing 1140 brief commentaries on medieval documents after reconstituting the files of the monastery), San Juan de Caaveiro Monastery, San Isidro de Callobre, San Salvador de Cines, Sal Salvador de Bergondo, etc. After researching on these themes for over ten years, he published the book Historia del Monasterio de Santa María de Monfero, which collects for the first time a totally documented and detailed history of this monastery. He also published a book about nobility titled La nobleza altomedieval gallega. La familia Froilaz-Traba (important Galician people in the 11th and 12th centuries). He has published twenty-eight works in the last years.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is also very keen on egyptology and philately. He was the president of the Philatelic Society of A Coruña and published many articles in specialised magazines about railway, writing about steam engines, restaurant cars and sleeping cars. He was the president of the association ‘Amigos do Ferrocarril da Coruña’.