Antón Romero Ces

Pseudonym: AN
Category: Illustrator and graphic humourist
Birth Date: 19th December 1970
Birth Place: Fontecarmoa, Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra)
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He started his activity collaborating with the cultural magazine ‘Bardos’, where he met Rubén Pérez Puig. Together with him, Antón founded ‘RuAn’ ( in 1993. He also collaborated with the old ‘A revista’ (in this magazine he created Paxaradas©), “Los conjuros” and more recently with “El batracio amarillo”.
He participated in the exhibition “Os que foron e os que son” for two years and in an exhibition organized by Meigalua Cultural Association. Nowadays, in addition to "Nun mundo de paxaradas©", he is preparing other three series and a children’s book.