Aurelio Chao Fernández

Category: Musician
Birth Date: In 1967
Birth Place: Vilalba (Lugo)

He was brought up in a family with musical tradition. When he was only six, he started to study Music with his mother Remedios and shortly after he began to study at the Conservatoire in Lugo. Then he moved to Santiago to study with Professor Ángel Brage. After Ángel Brage's death, he moved to A Coruña, where he studied with the pianist Natalia Lamas. Some years later, he returned to Santiago, where he got a higher degree in Piano under the direction of Nicasio Gradaille and a higher degree in Chamber Music and Solfa with Professor Dalibor Sebestiak. He attended courses on technique and performance with Professors Cecilio Tieles, Ángel González, Joaquín Achúcarro, Paúl Badura-Skoda, etc. Nowadays, he teaches Piano at the Conservatoire of Vilalba (Lugo), which he has been directing since 1988.

 Work & Activities

He usually collaborates with the choral group 'Sólo Voces' playing the piano and with Chamber Orchestra of Xove (Lugo). He has also recorded for the programme 'Galicia Terra Única' on Galician TV. He has taken part in several chamber groups.