María Barbeito y Cerviño

Category: Teacher and writer
Birth Date: 2nd March 1880 (†1970)
Birth Place: A Coruña

She studied in A Coruña and got the first position in her class. She was commended to be responsible for 'Da Garda' School, where the infants studied at that moment. She engaged José Baldomir to teach Music and defended the overcoming of the social classes and the introduction of Galician language at school. She founded charitable institutions such as 'El niño descalzo', 'El comedor y ropero Da Guarda' and supported others such as 'Las Colonias Escolares para niños pretuberculosos', 'Gota de Leche', 'La Casa Cuna' and 'Las Cantinas Escolares Concepción Arenal'. In 1912, she started 'La Fiesta de la Flor' (the Flower Party) in order to collect funds for people suffering from tuberculosis. Children and young people used to ask the passer-by for a contribution in exchange for a flower. Two years later her campaign got the support of Queen Victoria Eugenia. The Flower Party was later called 'La Fiesta de la Banderita de la Cruz Roja' (The Flag Party of the Red Cross).

 Work & Activities

She published several works on pedagogic and sociological topics and translated foreign books.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She was a member of the Institute of Galician Studies and the Galician Academy. She got several literary prizes and many decorations.