Arturo Vaquero Taboada

Pseudonym: Humanoid
Category: Musician
Birth Date: 17th April 1971
Birth Place: Santurce
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He began to study guitar and sol-fa when he was eight and piano when he was fourteen. Then he went on as an autodidact and formed part of several electronic and pop groups as a composer, pianist and guitarist. In 1997 he was awarded the first prize in RNE3 (‘Disco Grande’) to the best pop-rock demo as a member of ‘Humanoid’, which made him sign for Jabalina Música and record ‘Vectorspheres’ (1998), ‘OCR’ (2000) and ‘Romance’  (2001). With these works, he carried out tours in Madrid (Sala Maravillas and Siroco), Barcelona (Sala Apolo) and in the concerts of Radio3 - LA2 TVE, being well accepted by the media.

As ‘Arturo Vaquero’ he published ‘Razas’ (1999), ‘Cvmvlvm’ (2004) and ‘Musica e Transportes’, USC (2007).

In 2007-08 he studied Music in Berklee (USA). Since 1995 he has been recording and producing records and collaborating with over thirty artists: Fuxan os ventos, Pepe Vaamonde Grupo, La Buena Vida, Dar Ful Ful, X. M. Budiño, Klaus & Kinsky, Los Lewosky, Silvia Penide, Nadadora…

He has been teaching electro acoustic music for over five years at the Group of Musical Creation of the University of Santiago de Compostela.


 Work & Activities

After his first experience as a composer for images with a series of documentaries about Galician artists and cities (OPHIUSA Producións, 1992-1998), he founded ‘Música para Imágenes’ with Xavi Font and began to work hard from 2004 onwards alter attending the course ‘Música para la Imagen’, with José Nieto in 2004-05.

For that promotion, they composed and recorded the following shorts: ‘Nadiezda’ by Stella di Tocco, ‘Clases particulares’ by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, ‘Las paredes ajenas’ by Javier Fernández and ‘La habitación de los abrigos’ by Nerea Madariaga.

Then they participated in the musical production and composition of ‘Te quiero mal’, a short by Mireia Giró and ‘La biblioteca de la Iguana’, a TV movie directed by Antón Dobao (both of them for Ficción Producciones, 2005).

During 2006 they focussed on short production, composing and producing the music of the following productions: ‘Padam’ by José Manuel Carrasco ECAM, ‘Atención al cliente’ by Marcos Valín and David Alonso ECAM, both of them nominated to the Goya Awards, ‘Señales de Indiferencia’ by Javier Fernández ECAM and ‘Lo Importante’ by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, Encanta Films).

After a small collaboration in advertising (‘Artesanía de Galicia-Xunta’ 2005, ‘Turgalicia-Xunta’ 2006 and ‘100 años de Estrella de Galicia’ 2006, among others) they met Ramón Costafreda, advertising manager, and composed the music for ‘Abrígate’ (Continental Producciones, 2008). In 2007 they also made ‘O bosque de levas’, a TV movie by Antón Dobao, (‘Mano muerta’ Diagonal TV) by Ramón Costafreda (‘El espejo’ Continental-Oberón Cinematográfica) by Álex Sampaio. In 2008 they made the sound track for “Agallas”, a film by Samuel Martín Mateos and Andrés Luque Pérez (Continental producciones, 2009). It was recorded by the Bratislava Symphonic Orchestra and it was nominated to a Goya as the best original song in 2010 and to a Mestre Mateo of the Galician Academy of Visual Arts.

At present, he is working with Xavier Font in the new projects of “O Apostolo” (Artefacto) and collaborate with Phillip Glass (“El show de Truman”) in the composition of the sound track.