Araceli Ancochea Roldán

Category: Music Teacher
Birth Date: In 1893 (†In 1991)
Birth Place: Barco de Valdeorras (Ourense)

She was a well-known person in Galicia in the last century as she worked as a teacher in Cuenca and in Ourense since 1916 until she retired in 1963.
She studied in the National Conservatory of Music in Madrid with Professor Bretón who considered her as the best student of Piano and Declamation.
Aracelia Ancochea married Professor Felipe Pedreira Deibe in Ourense.
She used to spend periods of time in Cuenca, where she offered concerts such as “Alborada de Veiga” at the Cathedral.She spend her last yeas in Madrid, where she was buried at Sacramental de San Justo.