Nemesio García Carril

Category: Composer and music teacher
Birth Date: 27th April 1943
Birth Place: Sobrado dos Monxes (A Coruña)

While he was studying Humanities and Philosophy in Santiago de Compostela, he also started to study Music at the Conservatoire. He improved his studies in A Coruña, Madrid and Rome, specializing in Singing, Conductorship, Composition and Musicology. Between 1968 and 1980, he was the master of chapel at Santiago's Cathedral. He worked as teacher at the Conservatoire in Ponteareas (Pontevedra) and Santiago, at 'Rosalía de Castro' Secondary School in Santiago and the Spanish Institute in Lisbon. He was also member of the cultural mission at the Spanish Embassy in Portugal. He belongs to the Portuguese Association of Musical Pedagogy. Nowadays he works at 'Padre Suárez' Secondary Education and collaborates with Granada University. Distinctions: -First prize 'Himno Sta. T. Jornet e Ibars' (1973). -Prize to the best music at the First International Song Festival in Pontevedra (1977). -Prize of the Galician Criticism (1984). -He was nominated as 'fillo distinguido' in his native town (1986). As composer, he is the author of several works of vocal and instrumental music, being his music more adequate for image.

 Work & Activities

- Transcription of Cantorales 5º y 6º de Polifonía del siglo XVI and Segundo libro de Órgano (works by J. Sánchez) from the 18th century of the archives of Compostela's Cathedral. - Soundtracks for the TV series: La hija del mar, based on the book by Rosalía de Castro (1976), Los gozos y las sombras, based on the book by Torrente Ballester (1982) and the musical A Nai (script by Bernardo Vilariño and text by Antón de Santiago) in 1998. - He set to his own music four poems by Rosalía de Castro with the soprano Maruxa Villanueva and the Instructor of 'Radio Nacional' Orchestra. - He made the record Grandes obras musicales del siglo XIX en la Catedral de Santiago for the eight centenary of the Porch of Glory ('Manuel de Falla' Orchestra from Madrid and 'Terra a Nosa' Choral Society from Santiago). - Other collaborations abroad...