Mª Teresa Rodríguez Pol

Category: Teacher and nun
Birth Date: 12th February 1952
Birth Place: A Pontenova (Lugo)
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She studied Primary School in her native village, San Xoán de Rececende. Then she studied in A Pontenova to prepare a pedagogical test and her admission in the Secondary School. She came to Lugo in 1966-67 as a boarder to Santísimo Sacramento School. Then she studied Secondary Education at “Nosa Señora dos Ollos Grandes” Secondary School in Lugo. After studying Secondary Education and entering as a nun (“Hijas de la Parroquia, Auxiliares del Buen Pastor”), she was sent to Madrid to study Theology. Once again in Lugo, she started to study Teaching in Lugo, specialising in Spanish, French and Galician.

 Work & Activities

After finishing Teaching she started her professional activity at ‘Escuela Aneja Femenina’ in Lugo, where she had done her training two years before. Shortly after, she was appointed to O Incio. In July 1979 she was successful in a public competition and was appointed to the school of Paradela, then she moved to Teixeira de Caurel. In 1981 she began to work at Divino Maestro School, then she worked in Alfoz for a year and finally came back agin to Divino Maestro school, where she is working at the moment.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Throughout her professional activity she promoted Galician language and culture and made her pupils feel what she has lived since she was a girl and never forget that those basis are always related to human and Christian values.
As a nun she was always linked to catechesis, liturgy, the collaboration with Cáritas and the Casa Diocesana de Ejercicios. She also collaborates in the refuge of people, especially in the collaboration with ‘Surgeans of the World’ with children from Uganda so that they can be operated from serious diseases by the members of the NGO.