Antonio González Trigo

Category: Architect
Birth Date: 1st february 1933
Birth Place: Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra)
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After studying Architecture in the Faculty of Exact Sciences and the School of Architecture in Madrid, he took his degree in 1966 and his doctor’s degree in 1969. After a public competition in September 1968, he got a post as an architect in the Exchequer. He did a MA of the Spanish Association of Property Consultants, an MBA, a course on Planning, Urban Management, and Land Legal Regime by means of a grant of Caixa Galicia Foundation. He also attended seminars (‘La financiación del sector inmobiliario’, ‘Informática para directivos’ and ‘La rehabilitación de edificios, una alternativa para el sector del Grupo Especial Directivos’) and a course on computing for users of the Xunta de Galicia. He is a member of the Association of Architects of León, Asturias, Galicia and Madrid.

He filled several offices as a civil servant and was the provincial councillor of Fine Arts in Lugo (1971-1982), member of the Galician Academy of Doctors (Architecture Section), member of the Culture Council of Lugo County Council in the Commissions of Architecture, Museum and Music since 5th April 1984 and member and president of ‘Amigos del Monasterio de Samos’ Association.

 Work & Activities

He was responsible for many studies and projects for the restoration and rehabilitation of buildings in historical areas, town halls and subsidized housing. He participated as a rapporteur in many lectures, seminars and conferences related to architecture.

-December 1975: he exhibited two projects (the restoration of St Eulalia de Bóveda Church and the Roman Wall of Lugo) in Palacio de Cristal, El Retiro (Madrid). The National Commissariat of Artistic Heritage organized this exhibition because of the European Year of the Architectonic Heritage. The projects were published in ‘Patrimonio Monumental de España’.

-October 1992: he was invited to present and participate in the exhibition of works of the USC. He presented the projects of the Faculty of Veterinary and the Faculty of Agronomists.

-March 1992: he exhibited the project of Caixa Galicia building at the Plaza de España in Lugo.


Antonio González Trigo has also collaborated in:

-1st volume: ‘La Arquitectura Románica en Lugo’ (Restoration project for San Juan da Coba Church).

-1st volume: ‘La Arquitectura Cisterciense en Galicia’ (Restoration project for the Church of Meira).

-Magazines: ‘Gente de Mundo’ (December 1991) and ‘Lucus’ nº 40 (April 1991) (Project for the Faculty of Veterinary, Lugo) and ‘Arquitecturas Recentes’ (University of Santiago).

He has also participated in radio and TV talks and wrote articles about the preservation of historical heritage.