Antonio Figueroa Mosteiro

Category: Doctor
Birth Date: In 1915 (†22nd October 2005)
Birth Place: Curtis (A Coruña)

His family moved to Lugo in 1917, where he studied in the Secondary Education and Pharmacy, taking his degree when he was twenty. Then he studied Medicine in Salamanca and on his returning to Lugo, he began to work as a doctor with Exiquio Sánchez Cuesta, collaborating in the campaign against tuberculosis. He also practised as a forensic surgeon. He could not go in for any public competition as reprisals were taken against him. That is why he practised as a chemist at ‘La Cruz’ Chemist’s and ‘Celta’ Laboratory, where he made all sort of pharmaceutical products although he never gave up Medicine and practised as a private doctor. During his youth, he participated in left-wing movements, especially those related to Galician nationalism. Together with Ramón Piñeiro and Luis García Pardo (Luis Sabarei), he founded the ‘Mocedades Galeguistas de Lugo’ in 1934. After the Civil War, he went on with a left-wing activity and organised gatherings in his chemist with important people such as Méndez Ferrín, Luis Pimentel, Ramón Piñeiro, Emilio Gil Varela, Manuel María, Pepe Gaioso, Veral and Ánxel Fole. His friend Tino Grandío presented his first exhibition in his back chemist’s and laboratory annexe. Xulia Minguillón, Boado, Enma Salgueiro and many others attended the inauguration of the exhibition. Together with Álvaro Gil Varela and Ramón Piñeiro, he created Galaxia Publications. In 1968, he took up again his practise as a doctor until he retired. He joined the Socialist Party after the start of democracy, being the president of the local group in Lugo.