Andrés-Santiago Suárez Suárez

Pseudonym: Andrés S. Suárez
Category: Professor, economist and writer
Birth Date: 6th September 1939
Birth Place: Brión, Luaña (A Coruña)
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He is a Professor of Economy at 'Complutense' University (Madrid) and Business Organisation and Administration at the Colleges of Business Studies. He filled the office of dean in the Faculty of Economy in Málaga.

 Work & Activities

He wrote over twenty books and many articles about Economy, Administration and Finance. He has published the following books in Galician language O problema económico e humán de Galicia (Caixa Vigo, 1978); Luaña. Mitos, costumes e crencias dunha parroquia galega (Galaxia, Vigo, 1979); A Regueira (Castrelos, Vigo, 1982) y O raposo careto (?Do Castro? Publications, A Coruña, 1983). These are his most important books about Economy: Decisiones Óptimas de Inversión y Financiación en la Empresa (Pirámide, Madrid, 1998, 18th edition), Curso de Economía de la Empresa (Pirámide, Madrid, 1997, th edition) and Diccionario de Economía y Administración (McGraw-Hill, Madrid, 1992).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the extraordinary prize for his doctor's degree at 'Complutense' University. He is an honourable member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Spain and was conferred the title of 'Doctor Honoris Causa' at Seville University.