Antonio Fernando Souto Cortizo

Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: In 1959
Birth Place: Ourense


He studied Architecture and became a sculptor, attracted by the mysteries of space and the need of touching matter with his hands. He develops his work in iron and stainless steel from a shell. In the process of opening the shell, cracks, fragmentation, movement and time appear. The emptiness expands and the light gets into the fragments, forming a whole of broken shell and emptiness. Sculpture is a moment of this expansion. Luckily, things are not always what they seem but they almost always look like what they really are.

 Work & Activities


2012. Individual exhibition at Marcos Valcárcel Cultural Centre (Ourense County Council) and “Arte no Morrazo”, Cangas.

2011. Individual exhibition at Volter Gallery (Ourense)

2010. Altura Cultural Centre (Castellón)

2009. Fine Art Circle (Madrid) and Membrilla Cultural Centre (Ciudad Real)

2008. Esculmetal 08 (Madrid) and Fundación Igualdad (Cáceres)

2005. Individual exhibition at Visol Gallery (Ourense)

2004. Second edition of Conxemar Plastic Art Contest (Vigo)

2003. Standing exhibition at Rincón de Ademuz Sculpture Park (Valencia) and 6th Pintor Laxeiro International Biennial Exhibition, Lalín (Pontevedra)

2002. Burela Cultural Centre (Lugo) and A Guarda Cultural Centre (Pontevedra)

2001. Athenaeum (Ferrol), “Díaz Caneja" Foundation (Palencia), 37th edition of the Painting and Sculpture Exhibition of Pozoblanco (Córdoba), Majadahonda Cultural Centre (Madrid), Burela Cultural Centre (Lugo) and Cangas do Morrazo Cultural Centre (Pontevedra)

2000. "Casa da Cultura de Muíños" Collective Art Exhibition (Ourense), "Díaz Caneja" Foundation (Palencia), Majadahonda Cultural Centre (Madrid), Altura Cultural Centre (Castellón), Burela Cultural Centre (Lugo), Vilanova de Arousa Cultural Centre (Pontevedra) and AYCOM- PYMES Foundation (Vigo)

1999. 2 sculptors / 2 painters, Mesón "O Queixo" (Ourense).



Some of his works can be found in:

Ourense County Council.

City Council of Vilanova de Arousa (Pontevedra)

Aycom Foundation (Vigo)

City Council of A Guarda (Pontevedra)

City Council of Cangas (Pontevedra)

City Council of Burela (Lugo)

Rincón de Ademuz Casa Bajas (Valencia)

CENIM (Madrid)

Fundación Igualdad (Cáceres).

 Other Interesting Aspects


2011. 2nd prize at the 16th edition of Burela Art Gallery Contest (Burela)

2008. “Esculmetal 08” (Tubular Materials Special Prize), Madrid.

2003. Silver apple prize at the Second “Rincón de Ademuz” International Biennial Exhibition (Valencia)

2002. First prize at the First Sculpture Contest of A Guarda (A Guarda) and 3rd prize at the 7th edition of Burela Art Gallery Contest (Burela)

2001. First prize at the 6th edition of Burela Art Gallery Contest (Burela) and first prize at the sixth edition of the Sculpture Contest organized by the City Council of Cangas (Cangas)

2000. First prize at the fourth edition of O Salnés Sculpture Contest (Vilanova de Arousa), first prize at the second edition of Aycom Pymes Sculpture Prize (Vigo) and second prize at the 5th edition of Burela Art Gallery Contest (Burela).