Antonio Fernández Morales

Category: Writer
Birth Date: In 1817 (†In 1896)
Birth Place: Astorga (León)

When Antonio Fernández was still a child, he moved with his parents to Cacabelos, where he learnt Galician language. When he was seventeen, he entered the school 'Colegio de Distinguidos' in Valladolid after finishing Philosophy at the Seminary of Astorga.

 Work & Activities

In 1847, he met the philologist Mariano Cubí y Soler, who persuaded him to write some poems in 'berciano' (the language of El Bierzo). Because of this, he wrote the book Ensayos poéticos en dialecto berciano (León, 1861) that consisted of sixteen poems, an introduction by Cubí and another one written by the poet as well as four poems praising the author. Except for the poem titled 'Cuento satírico', the rest of them are totally written in 'berciano'. In 1868, he participated as lieutenant colonel in the revolt that overthrew Queen Isabel II. In 1870, he was nominated as military governor in Toledo and was elected deputy in Villafranca del Bierzo representing the Radical Party.