José Luís Grande Grande

Category: Teacher and writer
Birth Date: 4th September 1954
Birth Place: Vilaquinte-Carballedo (Lugo)
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He studied Primary Education in Vilaquinte, Secondary Education at the Seminary in Ourense (1967-1973), the pre-university course at 'Masculino' Secondary School in Ourense (1973-74) and Galician - Portuguese Philology at Santiago de Compostela University (1974-79). He has been a teacher of Galician language and literature since 1979, first as a temporary teacher for two years, then as a teacher of Secondary Education and as a Professor since 2008. He was a town councillor in Redondela during three sessions: ‘Esquerda Galega’ (1987-91) and BNG (1995-2003).

 Work & Activities

-Course on Galician language, published in Faro de Vigo (1983-84).

-Collaboration in ‘Grande Diccionario Infantil, Marín S.A.A, 1985 (six volumes).

-Collaboration in ‘Diccionario da Lingua Galega’, Alhena, 1986 (three volumes).

-Collaboration in ‘Comentario de Textos Literarios’, Alhena, 1986.

-Collaboration in ‘Actividades de Expresión Oral e Escrita’, Bahía Edicións, 1990.

-Collaboration in ‘Actividades de Léxico 1’, Bahía Edicións (1990).

-Collaboration in ‘Actividades de Léxico 2’, Bahía Edicións (1990).

-Collaboration in ‘Actividades de Construción Gramatical’, Bahía Edicións (1991).

-Translation from Catalan of ‘A Tuta e a Ramoneta’, Cadernos da Escola Dramática Galega (1984).

-Together with Mª Ángeles Babarro, he translated from German ‘A historia de Moon’, Edicións S.M. (1993).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got married in July 1978 and has two children. Nowadays he is working at Chapela Secondary School in Redondela.