Antonio Carreño

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Place: Parada do Sil (Ourense)

He started to work as a teacher in several villages of Ourense. In 1966, he moved to the USA to work as a Spanish teacher. He did an MA in Philosophy (Yale University, 1974) and took a doctor's degree in Romance Languages (Yale University, 1975). He worked at Columbia (New York), Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) and Brown Universities and was a visitor Professor in other European and Latin American ones. His research works focus mainly on the Spanish 'Gold Century', contemporary Spanish literature and Galician literature (with essays about Rosalía, Celso Emilio Ferreiro and Blanco Amor). He also studied Os Lusiadas by Camoens and the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa.

 Work & Activities

He published the following books: El romancero lírico de Lope de Vega, La dialéctica de la identidad en la literatura contemporánea (Gredos, Madrid, 1982). he edited the books by Lope de Vega El castigo sin venganza, Poesía selecta, Pastores de Belén, Rimas, Rimas humanas y divinas de Tomé de Burguillos, Las novelas a Marciala Leonarda, the complete poetry work by Lope, El perro del hortelano and Romances by Luis de Góngora. He usually collaborates with essays and articles in magazines on Hispanic Philology (?Hispanic Review?, ?Revista de Filología Española?, ?Bulletin of Spanish Studies?, ?Insula?, ?Thesaurus?, ?).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded several prizes and distinctions such as 'Ramón Menéndez Pidal' Prize, awarded by the Spanish Academy, the Command of Isabel, the Catholic Queen, 'Caballero de la Orden de la Vieira' and was elected president of the International Association of Galician Studies. He was the vice-president of the International Association of Hispanists and directed the department of Hispanic Studies at Brown University. He gave lectures all over the most important European and American Universities and enjoyed scholarships at important American and Spanish foundations.