Antón Losada Diéguez

Category: Writer, political activist
Birth Date: 1884 († 15th October 1929)
Birth Place: Boborás (Ourense)

When he was a child he lived in Pazo de Moldes (Boborás) and A Estrada. He studied Arts at Deusto University and took his degree in 1906. Then he came back again to Galicia, where he stayed until 1911 and began his political activity dealing with regionalist ideas. In 1911 he moved to Madrid and worked in a Secondary School in Toledo. In 1914 he came back to Ourense participating actively in the cultural life of the city. Just as his friends, he took part in the Irmandades da Fala and the Nationalist Assembly celebrated in Vigo and Lugo. His ideas were mainly based on the agrarian reform movement, the support to Galician autonomy and Catholicism.

 Work & Activities

During the period between his inclusion in the Irmandades and his death, we only know six poems, seven short stories, two articles about Art, two small articles about politics and his speech at the Seminary of Galician Studies on 12th May 1924 titled Ouservacións encol da prosa galega. His most important writings about politics are Orientacións. Os camiños d'o agrarismo galego and A sinificación profunda do Galeguismo, which show the theoretic outlines of nationalism, mainly those established by Vicente Risco.

 Other Interesting Aspects

The Galician Academy dedicated him ?O Día das Letras Galegas? (The Day of the Galcian Letters) in 1985.