Antón de Santiago Montero

Category: Composer, singer, actor and journalist
Birth Date: 8th October 1944
Birth Place: A Coruña

Since 1991 he has been directing the Singing Department at the Music Conservatoire in A Coruña. He studied Music and Theatre at the Conservatoire in A Coruña. He studied singing with María Luisa Neche and made his debut in April 1974 with a monograph of Galician music, which was qualified as 'resounding success' according to the critic of the newspaper La Voz de Galicia. He also took part in the opera seasons in a Coruña. Then he went to Madrid, where he improved his technic with Marimí del Pozo and Ana Marçia Olaria and rendition with Félix Lavilla and Miguel Zanetti, as well as stage with José Luis Alonso. He got a grant for two years from the Foundation 'Barrié de la Maza' and attended important improvement courses in Spain and abroad. In 1984, he got the first prize at the International Singing Contest in Logroño. He sang all over Galicia and the rest of Spain and even in a great part of Europe and Spanish America, where he acted live and recorded for radio and TV. He made the record No bico un cantar, which is a selection of Galician songs and another one with compositions of his own titled Irmán Daniel, which is about to come out. He created and directed the culture area at the Galician Autonomous Radio Station and collaborates with press and radio.

 Work & Activities

BOOKS: Voz y canto, about technic and Ofelia Nieto, una gallega en el olimpo del canto, biography of the famous Galician singer. MUSIC: He set to music fifteen songs about texts written by historical and contemporary Galician poets. He founded and conducted the groups 'Magnificat' (religious music) and 'Agrupación Lírica Ofelia Nieto', being very successful with the stage designs El Barberillo de Lavapiés by Barbieri and Dido y Eneas by H. Purcell. THEATRE: He is the author and director of fourteen plays that have been performed for the first time on purpose at 'Colon' Theatre and 'Rosalía de Castro' Theatre in A Coruña since 1983. JOURNALISM: He made a musical for press and radio and collaborated in The New Grove Dictionary of Opera.