Antía Sánchez Alonso

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 3rd june 1975
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)
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She took a degree in Fine Arts (Painting) in the Faculty of Pontevedra in 2004. She worked as an assistant producer of the artists at the Biennial Exhibition of Pontevedra (July 2004) and was coordinator of human resources at the IFI Festival (Galician Festival of New Tendencies) in Pontevedra (May 2004) and coordinator of “Precuelas y secuelas”, a parallel activity to the IFI Festival (November and December 2003, January and February 2004). She organized exhibitions in A Pastora (Vigo, 2006) and was the manager of the graphics sections of ‘’ and ‘’. She taught painting in several social centres (2006) and drawing and painting in social centres of Vigo (Teis, Rivera Atienza, Coia) in 2006-2007.

She attended a course on Max Environment with Miguel Seoane (2004), a course on sound, edition and creation of electronic music, using Buzz and Cool Edit Pro, with the Finnish artist Teemu Raudaskoski (2003) and a course on illustration with Isidro Ferrer (2002).

She enjoyed an Erasmus grant scholarship in Kuopio (Finland) in 2003 and a landscape grant organized by Mondariz Balneario Foundation (2004).

She collaborated with ‘Flexo’ Performance Group and ‘Chévere’ Theatre Group in “Casa Tomada” (Plaza de Cervantes, Santiago de Compostela, 2000) and made drawings for the covers of “Sono” by ‘O fillo pausado’ (2001) and “Pihlaja” by “Pihlaja” (2003). She made the installation for the Children’s Book Salon in Pontevedra (2002); coordinated and participated in “Perquele”, the first Spanish-Finnish Fanzine (2004); participated in “Camel-arte”, a collective performance directed by ‘La Fura dels Baus’; was an active member of ‘alg-a’; make an exhibition of artist book and a Zoo-audio-performance with Isaac Cordal in ‘’; collaborated with a performance in “Census” by Ludd, Nasa Gallery (2006), worked as a designer for the artists of Net-Label - and was the manager of ‘’, an experimental blog of ‘A Pastora’ (Vigo) and digital art gallery director of ‘’ and ‘’.

 Work & Activities


-2000: “Alquimia”, Fine Arts Gallery (Pontevedra), “Paraísos perdidos”, Fine Arts Gallery (Pontevedra) and collaboration in the sculptural project with the City Council of O Porriño (Pontevedra).

-2001: Exhibition with Ana Santiso in Medusa (Santiago de Compostela).

-2002: Xocolata Gallery, ‘Artistas de Coutomixto’, itinerante exhibition in Coutomixto, Banco Simeón (Ourense), Palacio de Cultura (Pontevedra) and installation in the third edition of the Children’s Book Salon.

-2003: “Nature”, itinerant exhibition in Kuopio (Taitemia Gallery) and Jyväskyla (Centre of Graphic Arts) and “No es crúpulo”, exhibition of paintings and drawings in the gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts (Pontevedra).

-2004: “Existimos” (engraving exhibition organized by Ana Soler, ‘4º Salón del libro infantil y juvenil en el Palacio de la Cultura’), exhibition at “Entre Lusco e Fusco” with Brais Rodríguez, Alejandro Viñuela and Teemu Raudaskoski (Pontevedra) and exhibition in Mondariz because of the landscape grant.

-2005: Exhibition in Ámbar (Barcelona), exhibition for auction, Hotel Calipso (Sitges), exhibition for Unicef, Teucro Gallery (Pontevedra) and exhibition and selling at the Art Supermarket organized by ‘Firart’ in Vilafranca del Penedés.

-2006: ‘Caravana en Canadá’ (painting exhibition in A Pastora with the Canadian artist Michelle Doerner); collection at El Almacén Gallery (Barcelona), collection and exhibition at Termes Gallery (Vigo).


-2000: “Uf” (Vigo).

-2001: Café Galería (Vigo).

-2002: “La casa de arriba” (Vigo).

-2003: Kellari Galeri, Kuopio (Finland).

-2004: “O baúl” (Pontevedra).

-2005: Terra, Lloc de Trovada (Barcelona).

-2006: “Patos” (Nigrán).

 Other Interesting Aspects


Caixa Pontevedra Contest (2000); ‘Certamen Ciudad de Lugo’, exhibition and catalogue (2004); ‘Certamen de Nuevos Valores’ (Pontevedra, 2004); “Pinturas Alborada”, exhibition (2004); “Balconadas”, exhibition (Betanzos, 2004); “Pasajes de luz” (Granada, 2006); 'VII Bienal del Eje Atlántico’ (itinerant exhibition in eighteen cities, 2006); ‘Comarca del Sar’ (Padrón, 2006) and Painting and Sculpture Contest (Cangas, 2006).

Some of her works were acquired by Mondariz Balneario Foundation (“Arbore II”), the Professional Association of Registrars, Madrid (“Ponte río tea”), an auction of a work organized by the Suite (Sitges) and Cavas Nadal (third prize of the contest, 2005).


-English (British Council, 1997).

-French (basic level).


-Finnish (basic level).


PRIZES:  ‘Pintura Nadal’ (third prize), Villafranca del Penedés (2005).