Albino Mallo Álvarez

Birth Date: In april 1929
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

He studied Law at the University of Santiago and then moved to Madrid. He combined Law with Journalism and interviewed Wenceslao Fernández Flórez, José Tamayo, Francisco Rabal, Aurora Bautista, Castro Gil and other personalities for several newspapers of Galicia and Madrid.

Then he returned to Vigo and after two years practising as a lawyer, he devoted himself to journalism and collaborated in “El Pueblo Gallego·”, “Faro de Vigo”, “La Noche” (Santiago de Compostela) and “La Voz de Vigo”. Then he moved to León as editor-in-chief of “La Voz de León” and a few months later he directed “La Voz de Extremadura en Cáceres” and then “La Voz de Guipúzcoa” in San Sebastián.

He graduated in Journalism at the University of Navarra. In San Sebastián he was head of the culture and sports section in the evening paper “Unidad” and then editor-in chief in the morning paper “La Voz de España”. He also collaborated in the paper of the International Cinema Festival of San Sebastián.

In 1978, he entered the EFE Agency and was appointed to Belgium as subdelegate and then as delegate to Uruguay, Chile and Galicia. He spent the last years of his career as editor of “El ideal Gallego”.

He was also a special correspondent in India, in the Falkland Isles conflict and in cycle races and world championships accompanying the Real Sociedad Football Club.

He wrote “Cuatro pasos por la India”, “El hijo del emigrante” and “La otra medicina en Galicia” in Spanish and “Laxeiro, Colmeiro e Torres, tres pintores de Pontevedra” and “Algo máis que un  café: O Derby de Vigo” in Galician. He also wrote “Famosos a mi alrededor” (in press), a book of a hundred interviewed people like José Mojica, Sophia Loren, Cary Grant, Ainoa Arteta, Shalman Rusdie, Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre, Vargas Llosa, Mario Benedetti, Torrente Ballester, Plácido Domingo and Camilo José Cela.