Antía Cal Vázquez

Birth Date: In 1923
Birth Place: A Habana (Cuba)

She was born in an emigrant family from Muras (Lugo) and came back to Galicia with her mother and brothers to study in Spain. Her father stayed in Havana working for the economic sustenance.
In Galicia she spent a long time in the inn of her maternal grandparents, where she spent a happy childhood and youth.
She was a good student at Dequidt School in A Coruña. When she was seventeen, her family established in Santiago as she wanted to study at University but her father wanted her to study trade. She sadly studied that career and a friend of hers told her about studying Teaching. When she finished, her mother let her go to the University of Santiago to study Geography.
She fell in love with Antón Beiras, an ophthalmologist from Compostela, and after they got married they moved to Vigo. That harmonious and happy marriage lasted until 1st April 1969 that Antón died all of a sudden.
Antía could not work for her studies as the timetable did not coincide with her husband’s and she looked after her family with love.
When her three children were already born, Antón decided to travel around France, Switzerland and Germany and wanted her wife to accompany him.
In this happy journey, Antía found out in Geneva the pedagogical route she was waiting for. Thanks to an influential letter from Rosa Sensat Association of Teachers in Barcelona to Galaxia, she founded Rosalía de Castro School in Vigo.
That’s how in that time in Vigo, he managed to carry out the project of a scientific and bilingual school in those sad and wretched times.