Andrés Barbé Riesco

Birth Date: In 1955
Birth Place: León

After taking a degree in Medicine and Surgery and working as a doctor for several years, he founded Formato Productions in 1989.

 Work & Activities

He was on the board of directors of AGAPI (Galician Association of Independent Producers) for eight years: as a member for two years, as vice-president for five years and as president for a year.
He was a member of FAPAE (Spanish Federation of Audiovisual Producers), member of the executive committee of the Galician Business Confederation and member of the Telecommunication Advisory Board (Xunta de Galicia).
He is a foundation member of the Galician Audiovisual Academy, member of EGEDA (Institution for the Management of Audiovisual Rights) and foundation member of SGR Audiovisual. He was also vicepresident and member of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster. Today he is the president of this cluster.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He collaborates at Averhó Foundation for digital technology training of disabled people, with the MA in Audiovisual Production of La Voz de Galicia – University of A Coruña and with the Faculty of Communication of the University of Navarra.
In addition to many advertising works, documentaries and programmes for TV, he produced six shorts, two medium-length films, three films and five TV-movies.