Amador Iglesias Soto

Category: Priest
Birth Date: In 1899 (†In 1954)
Birth Place: Carronzo de Villavella - Triacastela

Amador Iglesias Souto started his ecclesiastical studies in the Monastery of Samos and went on in the Seminary of Lugo, where he was ordained as a priest in 1925. He improved his studies and took a degree in Canon Law in Santiago de Compostela. After finishing his studies and being the priest of several parishes in the diocese of Lugo, he was finally appointed to Becerreá.

 Work & Activities

He showed his interest for poetry since he was very young. He usually collaborates in Galician newspapers and was the author of the following books: Adiós Santiago (a poetical farewell to Compostela), Legión de Honor (published in Lugo in 1924 under the pseudonym ‘El Vate Ignoto’, it is about an arranged composition for a missionary evening), Versos Albores de un Estro (published in Lugo in 1925 under the pseudonym ‘Assiegi Toiso’), Rimas Españolas, Cantaruxando (published in 1930; it is a poetry book consisting of twenty-eight pages dedicated to Galician emigrants in Havana and Madrid). His work reflects a constant affection and memory for Galician emigrants in Latin America, Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona or any other city.