Ramón Sobrino Lorenzo-Ruza

Category: Quantity surveyor and archaeologist
Birth Date: 3rd March 1915 (†3th February 1959)
Birth Place: Poio - Pontevedra

When he was still young, he showed his archaeological vocation when he accompanied his father Ramón Sobrino Buhígas studying and cataloguing the Galician engravings on stone. As a quantity surveyor of the City Council of Santiago, he directed the restoration of the façade of the cathedral that looks on to the Platerías Square and San Martín Pinario façade. A few moths before his death, March Foundation had awarded him a scholarship to improve his studies in Great Britain.

 Work & Activities

These are some of his most important works: Un petroglifo en Mallos, ayuntamiento de Teo (A Coruña) (1947), El petroglifo del monte dos Vilares, Puente Cesures (Pontevedra) (1948), Acerca de los signos del petroglifo de "Eira dos Mouros" (1948), Material lítico pulimentado de Lens (1950), Mámoas de Montecelo (1951), Petroglifos e laberintos (1951), Origen de los petroglifos gallego-atlánticos (1952), El petroglifo de Oca en Ames (A Coruña) (1953), Megalitos del Monte Corzán (1953), Petroglifos prehistóricos europeos (1954), Datos para el estudio de los petroglifos de tipo atlántico (1955), Visión y observaciones sobre historia primitiva en Galicia (1955), Bosquejo para un estudio de los petroglifos portugueses (1956), Prospecciones arqueológicas en Morrazo (1956), Petroglifos de la comarca de Lalín I (1957), Petroglifos de la comarca de Lalín II (1958), etc.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He taught Drawing at the Technical School in Santiago de Compostela and was a local commissioner of archaeological excavations, secretary of the Galician Seminary of Primitive History (Santiago University), member of the Galician Academy and the Associaçao dos Arqueólogos Portogueses. He also collaborated with 'Padre Sarmiento' Institute.