Alfonso Gallego Vila

Category: Painter and poet
Birth Date: 15th November 1928 (†17th january 2005)
Birth Place: Curtis (A Coruña)


 Work & Activities

In 1950, he got a poetry prize for his poem É noite, noite serena. He was one of the founders of the poetic group 'Amanecer'. In 1960, he got a prize for his poem Carta desde la ciudad a un campesino at the Galician Floral Games. In 1962, he was finalist of the 'Ágora' poetry prize for his book La última palabra (County Council Offices of San Sebastián). In 1961, he published his first book: La señal del viento. In the university newspaper of Santiago, we can find articles about poets in the 50's: Novoneyra, Alfonso Gallego, Manuel María and others. In 1965, he published his second book Boca a Bajo. In 1967, on the Day of the Galician Letter, which was dedicated to Curros Enríquez, there was a literary ceremony at the Craftsman Club in A Coruña. Manuel María and Alfonso Gallego took part in this ceremony, as representatives of the new Galician poetry. In 1969 he won the first prize on the third year of the 'Festa da Cantiga' (A Coruña) with the poem En el mar de tus ojos verdes. In 1961, he won 'Brais Pinto' Prize. He made his first painting exhibition at the Centre of Lugo in Buenos Aires, which was presented by the painter Luis Seoane. In 1960 and 1961, he exhibited his paintings in several Spanish cities. He was one of the founders of the group of painters 'A Gadaña'. In 1969 and 1970, he exhibited his paintings in Montevideo owing to the Conferences about Galician Culture. He also took part in the exhibitions in Madrid, Santiago and A Coruña. He made twenty-five individual and over fifty collective exhibitions. The last one took place in 1996 at 'Atlántica' Gallery. In 1961, within the 'Castelao' Prize (Santiago), he got a honourable mention with his work Gaivotas de vidro. In 1962, he was finalist in the same prize with his book Os Mortos. He left a great unpublished work and made different literary works for press and radio.