Marina Quintillán Núñez

Category: Violinist
Birth Date: In 1963
Birth Place: Montevideo (Uruguay)
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She began to play the violin when she was a girl into her family and then with N. Casale, A. Toledo and others. She graduated in Geography and History (Santiago de Compostela) and graduated in Music when she was already an adult. She has been teaching violin and viola since 1992 in Galician conservatoires. She was on the ‘Xove Orquestra de Galiza’ and was the violinist of Emilio Cao Group. She has been part of ‘A Quenlla’ for ten years.

 Work & Activities

She recorded CDs and carried out public performances with popular repertory, own creations and classic music.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She forms a duet with her sister Marina, which is a direct consequence of growing old and making music together as well as sharing experiences, environment, interests and fights.