Alejandro Besteiro Silva

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 16th November 1932
Birth Place: Lugo

He began to study solfa when he was sixteen with Francisco Méndez, conductor of Lugo’s band, and went on studying violin and guitar.
He went blind because of an accident when he was twenty-one and went on with the Braille system studying harmony and counterpoint with a blind teacher from Santiago de Compostela, called Emilio Gutiérrez.
Afterwards, he moved to Valencia as employee of the ONCE (Spanish National Association of Blind People) and after some years went on studying Instrumentation, Musical Forms, Atonalism, Dodecafonism and Politonalism with the director of the Music Conservatoire of Valencia and then Professor of Composition, Armando Blanquer Ponsada.
He has composed several choral works such as a fugue for wood quartet, a fugue for metal quintet, a sextet for mixed instruments, five Galician rapsodes for big band, several pieces for Galician instruments, a suitte for big band and pipes, some paso dobles also for band and three symphonies for Grand Orchestra.