César Quijada Ruiz

Category: Photographer
Birth Date: 10th November 1930
Birth Place: Gijón (Oviedo)


He began to work as an assistant at JuanJose photographic studio in 1944. Together with a group of photographers he founded the association ‘Agrupación Fotográfica Lucense de Educación y Descanso’ in November 1958 and was nominated as treasurer and accountant.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the following prizes: -October 1958: ‘San Froilán’ first prize. -July 1959: ‘Hermandad Labradores de Foz’ first prize. -October 1959: second prize at the Galician Photography Exhibition. -February 1961: second prize at ‘Folla de carballo’ provincial contest. -June 1963: first prize of Touristic Photography. -September 1963: he participated as an assistant in the documentary NODO. -November 1963: third prize at Negtor National Contest (Madrid). -April 1964: second prize at the National Photography Contest of Ponferrada. -May 1964: he was nominated as cameraman of Spanish TV with JuanJose. -November 1967: ‘Bellezas de Lugo’ first prize. -October 1972: first prize in a provincial contest. -December 1981: first prize in the contest ‘Marathon Popular’. -May 1989: homage of the association RTV for twenty-five years. -May 1991: portrait exhibition. -March 1993: he was elected president of the Association of Professional Photographers. -March 1995: ‘Fiestas San Lázaro’ first prize. -October 1997: ‘Lugo Urbán-Lugo Rural’ first prize. -October 1998: ‘Lugo Urbán-Lugo Rural’ first prize. -November 1998: exhibition in the Museum (‘40 años de Agrupación Fotográfica’). -November 1999: selected photographs for an exhibition in the Record Office.