Alberto Vázquez Rico

Category: Illustrator, painter and sculptor
Birth Date: 13th October 1980
Birth Place: A Coruña
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He took a degree in Art at the Polytechnical University of Valencia and foundation degrees in Sculpture at Pablo Picasso School and Illustration in ‘La Massana’ (Barcelona).
Intership in Macdiego Design Studio (Valencia).
He has carried out works as a freelance related to corporate image, typographic design, poster-making and illustration.

 Work & Activities

EXHIBITIONS: Trustnobody Gallery (Barcelona); invited author at Athena Biennial, illustration pavillion; Antic Contemporary Culture Centre (Barcelona); Expo Injuve (16 cities, including South America); invited author at the Malaga Biennial; ‘Tipos ilustrados’; ‘100 años de Democracia’ (Brussels); Amadís Gallery (Madrid); Ourense County Council Museum; ‘Museo del Hombre’ (Madrid); ‘Palau de la Música’ (Valencia); ‘Museo de Morella’ (Valencia); ‘Saló del comic’ (Barcelona); ‘Viñetas desde El Atlántico’ (A Coruña); ‘Centro 14’ (Alicante); Art School (Alicante) and Kiosco Alfonso Museum (A Coruña).

PUBLICATIONS: -’Mmmh’, Polaqia.
-’Alter Ego’, 64 pages, Polaqia.
-’Freda’, 64 pages, Ediciones de Ponent. It was nominated to the ‘White Ravens’ International Illustration Awards (International Fair of Bologne and Munich) as one of the best 100 books of the year.
-’Psiconautas’, Astiberri.
-Collaborations in magazines: ‘Nosotros somos los muertos’, ‘Stripburger’, ‘Pictoplasma’, ‘Rolling Stone’, ‘Tos’ (Astiberri), ‘Dos veces breve’, ‘Fanzine enfermo’, ‘Garabatagge’, ‘Sintoteca’, ‘Squiffo’, ‘Gas butano’, ‘Warriors’, ‘Plug-in’ and ‘Trauma’.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He enjoyed an INJUVE Scholarship (2002) and a scholarship of A Coruña City Council (2004 and 2005).

PRIZES: -2005: ‘Xóvenes na vangarda’ (second prize), ‘Ayuntamiento de Portugalete’ (second prize) and ‘Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias’ Graphic Design Prize.
-2004: ‘Valencia crea’ First National Prize, ‘Ayuntamiento de Portugalete’ (first prize) and ‘Xóvenes na Vangarda de Galicia’ (second prize).
-2003: Revelation author at the ‘Salò internacional do Cómic de Barcelona’, ‘Valencia crea còmic’ Contest (first prize), ‘Asociación gay/lesbiana Lambda’ (first prize), ‘Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias’ Graphic Design Prize and ‘Ayuntamiento de Ourense’ Second Comic Prize.
-2002: ‘Valencia crea cómic’ Contest (first prize), ‘Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias’ Graphic Design Prize, ‘Ayuntamiento de Alicante’ Comic Prize, ‘Imaxe Artística Xuventude’ (second prize), Culturagalega Comic Prize (second prize), Injuve Illustration Prize (consolation prize).
-2001: INJUVE Comic and Illustration Prize, ‘Ayuntamiento de Pontevedra’ First Prize, ‘Nuevos Creadores de Madrid’ First Comic Prize and ‘Concello de Ourense’ Third Comic Prize.