Alberto Carreras Fernández

Category: Veterinary
Birth Date: 26th November 1964
Birth Place: Barcelona
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He took a degree in Veterinary Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1983-88), practising up to the moment in the area of Ancares. He has given courses and lectures for both vets and farmers about different clinical matters and food hygiene. In 2002, he was elected president of the Association of Businessmen of Becerreá and president of ‘Red Rural de Desarrollo Ancares’ in January 2006. He runs ‘Rastrexo Quads’, a firm that offers leisure activities for Rural Tourism.

 Work & Activities

Since 2003, he has been deputy mayor of As Nogais City Council (Lugo).
He is the founder and scientific president of ‘Ancares’, a seminar on cattle, celebrated in the area of Ancares as a postgraduate course for for vets.
In 1985, he was the first president of ‘Vets without Borders’.
He collaborates in many social and cultural activities carried out in Ancares (Rodas Tolas Club, sport schools, leisure activities for the old age, etc...).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is interested in everything regarding the social, cultural and economic development of Ancares and is willing to collaborate in any work meeting related to these matters.