Xusto Beramendi González

Pseudonym: Justo Beramendi
Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 16th July 1941
Birth Place: Madrid
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He studied Industrial Engineering in Madrid (1959-1967), Translation in Barcelona (1969-1974) and took a doctor's degree in History in Santiago (1987). He was manager of the Culture Commission and technical secretary of the Galician Asociation of Architects (1974-84). He was also one of the founders of 'Museo do Pobo Galego' (1976) and president of the governing body, vice-rector of Santiago University (1990-94), founder of the magazines 'Negaciones' (Madrid, 1976-78), 'A Trabe de Ouro' (1990 -) and 'Tempos Novos' (1997). He was a foundation member of 'Castelao' Foundation and director of the section of political thought of 'Vicente Risco' Foundation. He is a Professor of Contemporary History at Santiago de Compostela University.

 Work & Activities

These are some of his most important works: Miseria de la Economía (Barcelona, 1974); Vicente Risco no nacionalismo galego (Santiago, 1981); Antonio Losada. Obra Completa (Vigo, 1985); Actas do Congreso Castelao (Santiago, 1989); Los nacionalismos en la España de la II República (Madrid, 1991); Obra política de Ramón Vilar Ponte (Sada, 1991); Luis Peña Novo. Obras Completas (Santiago, 1994); Nationalism in Europe. Past and present (Santiago, 1994); O nacionalismo galego (Vigo, 1995, 1996), La historia política. Algunos conceptos básicos (Santiago, 1999) and La España de los nacionalismos y las autonomías (together with J.L. de la Granja and P. Anguera), Madrid, ?Síntesis? Publications, 2001.