Adolfo Domínguez Otero

Pseudonym: Fito Domínguez
Category: Musician
Birth Date: 1st May 1946 (†September 2012)
Birth Place: Teis, Vigo (Pontevedra)
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He studied Primary Education until he started to work when he was fourteen. He worked as a baker, building worker, welder and in the metal at Vulcano, Ascón. At that time, people used to sing in pubs. He used to sing with old people in clubs, which made him meet Lodeiro. They used to gather both in pubs and centres for artists. It was then that he created ‘A Roda’ thanks to an agreement with a multinational company. After several records, tours and journeys to emigration centres and after Luis Vaamonde left, he began to direct the group, being more and more successful. In 2000 he got married, which led the group to a new dimension, in other words, to professionality and quality, including his family (wife and son) in the group.

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