Yago Pérez

Category: Dietician, nutritionist and personal trainer

-Degree in Human nutrition and Dietetics, University of Navarra (2001)

-Autodidact in programming, design and web and online development since 2005.

-First dietician and nutritionist in Spain who designed a web site.

-First dietician and nutritionist in Spain who developed diets online.

-Home, telephone, online and video call dietician.


University education

-First cycle of the degree in Biology, University of Navarra (1996-1998)

-Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Navarra (1998-2001)

-Postgraduate in Nutrition and Obesity, University of Navarra (2002)


Complementary education

-Personal trainer in Bodybuilding and Fitness, IFBB (2005).

-“Cineantropometría y composición corporal” (Navarre Sports Medicine Association).

-“Derecho alimentario” (Association of Food Science and Technology in Navarre, Aragón and Rioja).

-“Nutrición clínica baseda en la evidencia” (University of Malaga).

-“Nutrition and Cancer” (University of Navarre).

-“Alimentos: novas perspectivas” (Professional Association of Pharmacists of Navarre).

-“Alimentación en deportes aeróbicos de fondo, de equipo y de fuerza” (University of Navarre).

 Work & Activities


-2nd prize for the blog www.eresloquecomes.es at the Fish&Blogs Contest (Professional blog Category), organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

-First dietician and nutritionist in Spain who developed the diet cart (11th September 2013)

-First dietician and nutritionist in Spain who showed his declaration of conflict of interests since 2013.

-Owner of the registered trademark "Nutrición humana y Dietética" ® (27th September 2011)

-First dietician and nutritionist in Spain who developed an online dietician since 2011.

-First dietician and nutritionist in Spain who developed a telephone dietician since 2006.

-First dietician and nutritionist in Spain who developed a home dietician since 2005.

-First dietician and nutritionist in Spain who developed online diets and plans since 2005.

-First dietician and nutritionist in Spain who designed and wrote his own professional web since 2005.

-First dietician and nutritionist online in Spain since 2005. He got a congratulations letter from the marketing manager of the company for the elaboration, design and printing of a promotional Newsletter (Corus Hotels Area Manager Memorandum)

-Sales & Marketing Company Director Congratulations letter.

-Dietician and nutritionist in Todosexpertos (Nutrition and diet s section). He answered over a thousand questions of users.


Professional experience

-Dietician and nutritionist (2013 – up to date) www.eresloquecomes.es and www.eldietista.info are web sites for health professionals with information based on scientific studies and recent scientific information. He is the author of the web design, programming and development.

-Amateur biologist - Blogger (2011 – up to date) www.blog.naturaleza.eldietista.es (blog about nature). He writes articles related to biology and nature as well as growth media and experiments with plants like Phalaenopsis and Nephentes and mushrooms like Trichoderma harzianum and Aspergyllus oryzae.

-Dietician and nutritionist (May 2010 – up to date) El Dietista www.eldietista.es He is the author of the web design, programming and development.

-Dietician and nutritionist (2010 – up to date). www.blog.dietetica.eldietista.es He designed this web site about nutrition and dietetics.

-Dietician and nutritionist (2005 - 2010). He designed, programmed and developed these web sites: www.dietecon.org and www.dietecon.es

-Editor (2006-2007), "Vanity Gay". Dietician and nutritionist of three sections in each issue: nutrition, sports and welfare.

-Nutrition teacher (April 2006 - June 2006), TAGA Technological Centre.

-Teacher of the second module: Nutrition and Dietetics for people who work at home help and requisites to practice in Madrid.

-Dietician and nutritionist (March 2005 - June 2006), BEBIN School of Early Childhood Intervention.

-Dietician and nutritionist. He is responsible for the elaboration of school menus, diet calibration, special menus, ARCPC, nutritional education, goods reception control, food hygiene and sampling.

-Dietician and nutritionist (March 2005 - June 2006), CEM.

-Nutrition teacher (May 2005) SELPA.

-Dietician and nutritionist (May 2001 - May 2007), Todoexpertos www.todoexpertos.com

-Dietician and nutritionist (altruist service). He was an expert of the first section (Nutrition and diets) for six years and answered over a thousand questions of users.

-Night Manager, Duty Manager and Accounts Manager (December 2001 - May 2003), Honiley Court Hotel, Warwickshire, United Kingdom www.honileycourt-hotel.co.uk he was responsible for the clients’ exit, night bar, security, safe custody, staff hours, drink stock, event planning, marketing campaigns, newsletters, reception, building security, accounting, payroll management and debt complaint.


Publications and web articles:

-2nd September 2013. www.eldietista.info

-Professional web site with 95 pages: www.blog.naturaleza.eldietista.es

-Amateur blog with 95 pages: www.blog.dietetica.eldietista.es

-Professional blog with 115 pages: www.eldietista.es



Vanity Gay

-“Navidad”, Vanity Gay, 22, 134-136 (1st December 2007)

-“Aqua fitness”, Vanity Gay, 22, 130-132 (1st December 2007)

-“Ponte en forma en casa”, Vanity Gay, 22, 126-128 (1st December 2007)

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-“Spinning: el programa de moda”, Vanity Gay, 20, 130-132 (1st October 2007)

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-“Apúntate al Pilates”. Vanity Gay, 14, 102-103 (1st April 2007).



-Report: “Hamburguesas bajo sospecha”, Interviú, 1.645, 12–17 (5th – 11th November 2007) http://www.interviu.es/reportajes/articulos/hamburguesas-bajo-sospecha

-Report: “Pizzas: El secreto está en la grasa”, Revista Interviu, 1.671, 10–16 (5th – 11th May 2008) http://www.interviu.es/reportajes/articulos/pizzas-el-secreto-esta-en-la...


Other magazines and newspapers

-Interview, Diario La Razón (23rd September 2011) http://www.larazon.es/detalle_hemeroteca/noticias/LA_RAZON_398513/histor...

-Report: “Los carbohidratos a juicio”, Mens and Health (June 2011).

-“Los niños y los ancianos las pueden tomar”, Diario La Razón 4.388, 11 (24th October 2010)

-Reportaxe: “¿Polvos mágicos? Toda la verdad sobre la creatina”. Mens and Health (June 2009).

-“Como cuido mi alimentación”, Vértice, 170, 9 (July / August 2008)

-“Frena la oxidación gracias a las frutas del verano”, Diario Estar Bien, 64,12 (4th – 10th July 2008)



-La Sexta Noticias. Interview La Sexta Noticias (22nd September 2011)

-La Sexta Noticias. “La dieta del potato” (25th May 2010)

-Tele Madrid. Interview Madrid Directo (10th July 2007)



-Radio Libertad. Live discussion, 28th September 2007.

-Radio Libertad. Live discussion, 6th November 2007.


Others: Promotional video of the relaunch of San Miguel Market in Madrid, Producciones Gomaespuma (March 2008)

 Other Interesting Aspects

Hobbies and passions:

-Professional hobbies: Nutrition, dietetics, food, bromatology, biology, microbiology, mycology, genetics, chemistry, botanic, science and nature, animals.

-Sports: gym, cycling, athletics and rowing.

-Computing: programming, development, medium, new technologies and programming languages.