Xosé Quintas Canella

Birth Date: In December 1947
Birth Place: Ourense

José Veloso Quintas (his real name) began to sing in the late 60’s and he inspired in what he knew, the popular songs and cult songs of Galician composers like Montes and Chané. He tried to compose songs about Galician language and identity. Shortly after, he approached to medieval songs which inspired him to create new songs.

 Work & Activities

“Porque no mundo mengou a verdade” (1978) was his first and only album. The second one, “Galicia no País das Marabillas”, did not success as he did not want to record with studio musicians. He also participated in a collective album about Celso Emilio and composed six medieval songs. Some of his friends (Miro, Pilocha, Uxía Senlle and Doa and Luar na Lubre) recorded some of his songs.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Although he wrote some poetry, he focused on fiction and his first book is about to published. He is taking up music again and composing new songs.