Francisco Rodríguez Campos

Pseudonym: Paco Campos
Category: Actor
Birth Date: 19th March 1955
Birth Place: Valdeorras (Ourense)

He studied harmony, singing, piano and guitar at the Conservatoire in A Coruña and Santiago.

 Work & Activities

THEATRE: O incerto señor Don Hamlet by Álvaro Cunqueiro (E.D.G.). Ernest by Oscar Wilde (E.D.G.). Como as Camisas de Liño by R. Otero Pedrayo (E.D.G.). Rei Lear by William Shakespeare (Produccións do Noroeste). Historia de Neera by Roberto Salgueiro (Teatro do Atlántico). O Auténtico Oeste by San Shepard (Balea Branca). Magnetismo by Manuel Lourenzo (Uvegá Teatro). VIDEO FILMS - TELEVISION - CINEMA: Aldán y Eva, pilot chapter directed by Carlos R. Piñeiro (Galician TV); Los mares del Sur, pilot chapter directed by Pepe Coira (Galician TV); Mareas vivas, a serial directed by Antón Reixa for Galician TV. In this serial he played the part of Mr Florencio (the teacher); Nada es para siempre, a serial directed by several directors for Antena 3 TV. In this serial he played the part of Emiliano Ortega (the teacher) and Dame Fuego, a film directed by Héctor Carré. Together with the music group 'Chaira', he made the records 'Ó rompe-lo día' and 'Laura, ollos de auga'. He is also a dubbing actor in Castilian and Galician language. He played the parts of 'Higgins' in the serial Magnum, 'Oliver Douglas' in the serial Granjero, último modelo and Mr Ed.