Xosé María Mosqueira Manso

Category: Seaman
Birth Date: 17th October 1886 (†13th May 1968)
Birth Place: Corme - Ponteceso (A Coruña)

When he was still a child, he showed his vocation for the sea and dreamt of embarking. After finishing Primary and Secondary Education, he studied at the Nautical School to become a captain of the Merchant Marine. When he was twenty-five, he married Honorina Viciño and had two children. During his professional activity, he was an officer of the Spanish naval reserve, maritime subdelegate in Seville and fishing subdelegate in A Coruña and Ribeira. In 1941, he arrived in Venezuela and began to work as an expert on fishing in the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1960, he travelled to Argentina to have an interview with Luis Seoane, who directed 'Citania' Publications and published his book As tartarugas do Orinoco.

 Work & Activities

These are some of his most important publications: Bioloxía da pescada. As súas variedades étnicas e sexuais. A súa pesca, Tres Cartas de Pesca, Ostras e Perlas nas costas venezolanas, Os Cupleidos (A sardiña) and As Tartarugas do Orinoco.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was a member of the Venezuelan Society of Natural Sciences and the American Museum of Natural History and honorary member of La Salle Society of Natural Sciences.