Xosé Manuel Carballo Ferreiro

Category: Priest, writer, illusionist, humourist and cultural activist
Birth Date: In 1944 († 28th October 2017)
Birth Place: S.Martiño de Goberno - Castro de Rei (Lugo)


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He entered the Seminary of Mondoñedo in 1954 and was ordained as a priest in Vilanova de Lourenzá, where he worked as ‘formador’ in the Seminary in 1966. After attending a course in Madrid for teachers of Seminaries, he moved to the Seminary of Mondoñedo. In September 1973, he was appointed as a priest to Castro de Rei, Azúmara and Ramil and shortly after Goberno, Balmonte and Santa Locaia. Thanks to his encouragement and the collaboration of parishioners, all the churches of those parishes were restored and many other works such as reelectrifications and land consolidation were carried out. When ‘Ramón Falcón’ School opened in Castro de Rei, he began to teach Religion and collaborated in several cultural and entertaining activities at school. Since 1985, he has been on the team of Catechesis Delegates of Galicia and the Diocese of Mondoñedo, collaborating in the normal use of Galician language in catequesis delegates for children, young people and adults, elaborating and translating subjects into Galician language.

 Work & Activities

As a playwright he wrote O Menciñeiro á Forza, Bo Nadal, Recobrou o sorriso o Eleuterio, Auto de Nadal, Dous vellos e unha soa soidade in collaboration with Marica Campo, Vaise pechar outra casa máis, in collaboration with Xulio Pita, and Unha noite de Ruada, with Samarita Canto. Besides, he directs several groups and participates as an actor on several occasions. As far as narrative is concerned, he wrote Parábolas Chairegas, Don Otto de viaxe pola Chaira, Celestino Racamonde and Contrato nulo. He also wrote the texts and made the video films: Seguir a Xesús and Este é o meu Fillo. He collaborated in the newspaper ‘El Progreso’ and the magazine ‘Irimia’ for three years. He has been collaborating in the following radio stations: ‘Cope’ (Lugo), ‘Radio Nacional’ (A Coruña), ‘Radio Galega’, ‘Radio Principal’ (Vilalba and Monforte) and ‘Cope’ (Vilalba) for over twenty years. He also presented a weekly programme on Lugo TV for three years. He always collaborates speaking and writing in Galician language. As a result, the ‘Consellería de Educación’ (Xunta de Galicia) recently asked him to be the president of a commission to promote the use of Galician language in the Religion, Social Services and Emigration areas. Since 1963, he has carried out about four thousand magic or illusionism performances all around Galicia and abroad. He also teaches magicians and is the ‘patron’ of Waldemar Magic Group in Lugo.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was an independent councillor in the City Council of Castro de Rei in the first democratic session and was one of the founders of the old Galician Agrarian Independent Syndicate. He has carried out many cultural and social initiatives and collaborated with many groups and associations all around Lugo. As a result, the Press Association granted him the distinction ‘lucense del año’ in 1992. In December 2004, he will be nominated as ‘honorary citizen’ for his work and dedication to his native village. He has won several narrative and journalism prizes. He has made speeches in several events such as Carnivals in Lugo, the Grace novena at San Francisco Javier Church, Music and Tree Day in Mondoñedo and ‘A Malla’ at ‘Finca Galea’.