Xosé Estévez Rodríguez

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 29th August 1943
Birth Place: Quiroga (Lugo)

He took a degree in Philosophy and Arts at Complutense University in Madrid. He got a certificate of Ecclesiastic Studies. Since 1973, he has been working as Modern History Professor at Deusto University. He has also been teaching Modern and Contemporary History of the Basque Country since 1993, Nationalism and Regionalism since 1995, Society and Culture in the present-day Spain since 1999 and present-day Spanish History since 1999. Since 1973, he has also been working at 'Nazaret' Secondary School.

 Work & Activities

Individual publications: - De la triple Alianza al Pacto de San Sebastián (1923- 1930), Antecedentes del Galeuzca, Impenitencias Galeuzcanas, Antología del Galeuzca en el exilio (1939- 1960), Galeuzca, Galiziako Historia. Finisterrako Oroimena, Historia Moderna de Euskal Herría II. Del hierro al roble. Together with other authors, he wrote about fifteen books and many articles about Galeuzka, nationalisms, the Basque nationalism and history, Galician emigration and Galician History, Literature and Ethnography. He published many articles in the newspapers Eguin, Gara, Deia, A Nosa Terra and in the magazines 'Mundaiz', 'Muga', 'A Trabe de Ouro', 'Sancho el Sabio' and 'R.I.E.V.'. He is a member of the society 'Real Sociedad Vascongada de Amigos del País' and 'Castelao' and 'Alexandre Bóveda' Foundations. In 1992, he created the 'Galician Studies' chair at Deusto University and gave many lectures in the Galician centres of Euskal Herría.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is the president of 'Daniel Castelao' Cultural Association. The Galician centres in Euskal Herría honoured him with the 'Andoriña de Prata' ('Silver Swallow'). In 1999, he got the 'Pedrón de Honor' for his task spreading Galician culture in Euskal Herría.