Xosé Carlos Gómez Alfaro

Category: Professor, writer and journalist
Birth Date: 10th February 1949 (†15th May 2008)
Birth Place: As Chabolas, Ribadavia (Ourense)


He took a degree in Geography and History at Santiago University. Since 1978, he has been working as a teacher of Secondary Education at 'Padres Somascos' School in A Garda (Pontevedra). He has collaborated in the newspapers La Voz de Galicia, Faro de Vigo and La Región, among others. He wrote a poetry book titled, De rodillas , 'CLA', Bilbao, 1969 in Castilian. Since 1970, he has only written in Galician.

 Work & Activities

These are his last poetry books: As labaradas da lembranza, 1969; Matria da néboa, 'Do Castro' Publications, Sada, A Coruña, 1997; Os ciclóns do sino, County Council of Ourense, 1997; Alba plena do alén, 'Espiral Maior' Publications, A Coruña, 1997; Ofertorio de solpores, 'Espiral Maior' Publications and A Illa Verde, A Coruña, 1999, and O clamor da eclipse (he was awarded 'Cidade de Ourense' Poetry Prize for this work in 2004). He also wrote published ‘Confiteor’, a poetry book about civic and religious themes, published in Litoral das Rías (Hipocampo Amigo Collection) in 2005.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got several literary prizes, both for poetry and journalism. In 2006, he was awarded ‘Cidade de Ourense’ Poetry Prize for ‘Mar aberto’.