Xosé Antonio Sánchez Bugallo

Category: Politician
Birth Date: 31st January 1954
Birth Place: Teixeiro - Curtis (A Coruña)

After Gerardo Estévez gave up, Xosé A. Sánchez Bugallo was elected as Mayor on 23rd December 1998. In the last council elections that were celebrated in June 1999, he ratified his office after an agreement between the Government and the political parties PSdeG-PSOE (nine representatives) and BNG (five town councillors). His activity at the City Hall of Santiago de Compostela started in 1983, as head of the Major's office cabinet until 1987. It was then that he became town councillor elect within the socialist party, which he has belonged to since 1978. During this period, he took over several offices, being very successful in all the steps he made and his negotiating and consensus ability. Between 1991 and 1998, he made his office compatible with the one of member of the county council. Within his political task, he tried to approach citizen and Administration. He was responsible for the creation of the Service for People's Attention.

 Work & Activities

As Mayor of the city, he is making a great effort so that Santiago de Compostela can be considered as 'the Capital of Galicia' and provided with the necessary resources to exercise this condition. In the year 2000, Santiago was considered as 'the European Cultural City' and got the support of private companies to finance the programmes. He is also working to elaborate a strategic plan for the city. He speeded up the town-planing measures and created the Housing Municipal Company to mobilize and reduce the price of the building land. He got the signing of several agreements for the economical and social improvement of the city (new parkings and infrastructures as well as environmental improvement on the streets). He also promoted the building of new sociocultural centres and worked for the rapprochement between institutions and citizens.