Xosé Manuel Vega Gómez

Birth Date: In 1960
Birth Place: Souto, Becerreá (Lugo)
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He studied Information Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where he took his degree in 1985. Then he decided to return to Galicia.

 Work & Activities

His professional experience started in La Voz de Galicia in Santiago in 1986. That same year he began to work at the Sports section on Galician TV, where he has developed his whole professional career up to the moment. He directed Telexornal 1 (1988-1991) and was responsible for the daily information of the Parliament (1991-2002). Since 1996 he has directed ‘Parlamento’, a programme that he presented as well.

In January 2001, together with twenty journalists of Galician TV, he promoted a popular legislative initiative so that the director general of the CRTVG could be elected by 2/3 majority of the elected members of Parliament and not directly nominated by the president of the Xunta. On 14th May 2002 he defended this bill before the Parliament that was rejected by the Popular Group. In 2003, he participated in lectures and published articles about the need of removing Galician media from government control so that they can be at the service of society and not at the service of the party governing at any moment. On 8th May 2004, took up the post of dean of the Galician Association of Journalists.


 Other Interesting Aspects

He is the president of the Galician Observatory for the Media and José Couso Freedom of Press Prize. At present he directs ‘Historias de Galicia’, a documentary series on Galician TV.