Xoan Ramón Díaz Sánchez

Category: Journalist and writer
Birth Date: 28th June 1948
Birth Place: Lugo

In 1968, he collaborated as sub-editor in 'Radio Popular' (Lugo) with the weekly programme 'Sintonía con el Corazón del Mundo' about social themes and the daily one 'A Propósito' about local themes. During 1969 and a part of 1970, he made the programme 'Pantallas y escenarios' in 'Radio Lugo' about cinema and dramatic criticism.

 Work & Activities

He has had a humour section in the newspaper Diario 16 for about two years. He also collaborates in the newspaper El Progreso. He carried out a small activity in the field of dubbing and varied theatre. He translated six books of 'Mafalda' strips into Galician language, the first four ones in collaboration with Ramón Reimúndez Noreña.
He published ‘A Xeada Negra’, Tris Tram (2003) and ‘Chuvia Mansa, Tris Tram (2006). These are the two first volumes of a collection dedicated to Manolo Meiriño.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got an accesit in 'Modesto R. Figueiredo' Prize, sponsored by the 'Pedrón de Ouro' Foundation and a first prize in the tale contest 'Breogán' at the Galician Centre in Baracaldo.