José Higinio Gómez González

Category: Bishop
Birth Date: 3rd April 1932 (†8th january 2008)
Birth Place: Lalín (Pontevedra)

He has been a member of the Franciscan Order since 1949. On 24th June 1956, he was ordained as a priest. He studied Philosophy and Theology at Santiago de Compostela. He took a degree in Roman Law ('Lateranense' University, Rome, 1959) and Italian and German and a doctor's degree in Civil and Canon Law ('Lateranense' University, Rome, 1961). He filled the offices of vice-rector at St Francis Monastery (Santiago, 1962-68), provincial adviser (1968-71), provincial prefect (1971-74), rector at St Francis Monastery (Santiago, 1974-77) and episcopal delegate at Santiago de Compostela archdiocese for the Institutes of Consecrated Life (1976-80). He has been the Bishop of Lugo since 28th June 1980. He taught Moral Theology and Canon Law at the Franciscan Theology School (Santiago, 1962-69) and the Seminary (Santiago, 1969-1980). He also taught Philosophy and Social Ethics at the College of Welfare Workers (Santiago, 1968-80) and professional Deontology at the College of Management Secretaries (Santiago, 1967-1974) and the College of Nursing Assistants in the Faculty of Medicine at Santiago University (1969-78). He has published several articles in the magazine 'Liceo Franciscano' and the doctoral thesis 'Los elementos esenciales del matrimonio romano en los períodos clásico, postclásico y justinianeo' (1966-67). He has also published articles and pastoral letters in several magazines.

 Other Interesting Aspects

During his episcopate, he has promoted important social and cultural works. He is a member of the Medical and Surgical Academy of Lugo, the Episcopal Commission of the Media and member of the Juridical Meeting of the Spanish Episcopal Conference. The association 'Radio Televisión de Lugo' awarded him the prize 'Amar a Lugo' in the year 2000.