Carmen Pintor

Category: Jeweller
Birth Date: 30 March 1962
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
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She is one of the representatives of the new generation of silversmiths of Barcelona. She graduated in metal embossing, fire enamel, jewellery industrial design, wax modelling and gemology.
She has her own gallery and studio in Barcelona, where she creates her own jewellery and silversmithing collections, makes designs to order and collaborates with several industrial firms as a designer and prototypist.
In 2002, the Generalitat of Catalonia granted her the honourable diploma of “master artisan”.
From 1987 to 2005, she exhibited her works in several Spanish cities and abroad (France, Andorra, Japan, Germany and Switzerland).
Her jewels can be adquired in Barcelona, Milano (Meko Gallery), Santiago de Compostela (Noroeste, joyería de autor), Palma de Mallorca (Nura Jewelart) and Andorra (Art Centre Gallery).

 Work & Activities

1987: Jewellery exhibitions at the First Biennial Exhibition of Art Schools in Toulouse and Barcelona.
1988: "Mostra de l'Ensenyament en les Arts Aplicades i el Disseny", M.I. (Andorra), "I Salón de diseñadores", ‘Sebime’ International Fair, Mahón (Menorca), "Modas das Esvásticas e Nova Xoería", Pasarela Luada, Vigo (Galicia Moda and Xunta Galicia) and "Joies i Esmalts", Centre permanent d'Artesania de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
1989: "II Salón de Diseñadores", ‘Sebime’ International Fair, Mahón (Menorca), "Salón de Diseñadores", 24th edition of the Jewellery International Fair (Valencia) and exhibition at the Jewellery Building Etoile (Tokio).
1990: "Jóvenes Diseñadores Españoles", organized by the Institute of Foreign Trade; Frankfurt International Fair (Germany); stand next to Carlos Pastor at the International Costume Jewellery Fair of Barnajoya, "Espacio Europa" (11 countries represented), International Jewellery Fair (Frankfurt), Barnajoya 90 International Jewellery Fair, stand "Diseño Motor de Industria", D.M.I. Stand "Orfebres/F.A.D.", with a group of nine jewellers, stand of the Centre of Information of Diamond, "Prototipus de Joieria" Centre Permanent de Artesanía. Generalitat de Catalunya and Joyería contemporànea at the Städtisches Reichs-Museum of Mannheim (Germany).
1991: "Jovenews" (Madrid), exhibition of the Diamond Promotion Centre, Alexandra Belinger Gallery (Madrid), stand of D.M.I. Association, International Jewellery Fair, Valencia (Fijova), Stand "Diseño Motor de Industria", Barnajoya 91, Ritz Hotel, Barcelona: "Desayuno con Diamantes", De Beers.
“Un Siglo de Joyería y Bisutería Española”, itinerant exhibition organized by the Institut Balear de Disseny.
“Diseño España”, itinerant exhibition in Japan, organized by BCD and Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization. First stages: Spain Fair-Tokio, Good Living Show-World International Trade Center-Tokio, Sun Shine City Building- Ikebukuro-Tokio. The work “Delfines” was transferred to the official artistic funds of the Japanese Government.
Exhibitions of the Diamond Promotion Centre: Iberjoya Madrid, Cordova and Baleares.
1992: "Jovenews" - ARDI at the Art School (Logroño), "Un siglo de joyería y bisutería Española" (Valladolid), Infospain stand at the International Jewellery Fair (Basel), "Un siglo de joyería y bisutería Española", third exhibition, Retiro Gallery, Caja Madrid (Madrid), Stand of D.M.I. Association (Valencia), "Un siglo de joyería y bisutería Española", fourth exhibition (A Coruña), Stand of D.M.I. Association, Barnajoya Fair (Barcelona) and "Dissenyadors Catalans de Joieria", Reial Circle Artistic of Barcelona, organized by the Federación Catalana de Joiers, Orfebres i Rellotgers.
1993: "Carmen Pintor, cinc anys en el mòn del disseny industrial de joiería", Meko Gallery (Barcelona), Infospain stand, International Jewellery Fair (Basel), "La Pedra Parla", homage to the 25th anniversary of the Spanish Association of Gemology and International Fair of Valencia.
1994: Stand "La Bolsa del Diseño, D.M.I.", Jewellery Fair (Barcelona), Barnajoya, permanent exhibition at Gallery Nakajima, Kobe (Japan), "Dissenyadors Catalans de Joieria", organized by the Federació Catalana de Joiers, Platers i Rellotjers, Reial Circle Artistic (Barcelona), collective exhibition in D/BARCELONA: "Nadal d'Argent" and permanent exhibition at Achanti Gallery (Palma de Mallorca).
1995: She participated with her jewels as atrezzo in the performance "Antonio y Cleopatra", inaugurated at the Festival del Teatre Grec (Barcelona), inauguration of Solé Jeweller’s (Tarragona), "Nadal d'Argent" en la sala "D/Barcelona" (5th edition) and "Regalar Creatividad", A.A.I.P./F.A.D (Barcelona).
1996: "Mostra Permanent d'Artesania", organized by the "Subdirecció d'Artesania del Centre d'Informació i Desenvolupament Empresarial, de Generalitat de Catalunya"; International Jewllery Fair (Basel), "Art Joia", Torre Vella Cultural Centre (Salou), "Mostra de joieria europea contemporània", Sa Nostra Cultural Centre, Ciutadella (Menorca); collective jewellery exhibition organized by the ‘Asociación Joya de Autor’, Serrano Garden (Madrid), "Iberjoya" (Madrid), “Barnajoya” International Jewellery Fair; Art Centre Gallery (Barcelona), Art Centre Gallery (Andorra) and "Nadal d'Argent".
1997: IBERJOYA 97, January and September (Madrid), "ERA AQUAuRIO" (collective exhibition), Meko Gallery (Barcelona) and "Galicia terra única", Consellería de Cultura – Xunta de Galicia (Ferrol and A Coruña).
1998: "Artesanía Catalana", El Corte Inglés (Barcelona and Sabadell).
1999: Inauguration of Laura Márquez Gallery (Madrid), "Joies de tele", collective exhibition with Ángel García, Gilda Fucker and Nuria Saloni, Meko Gallery (Barcelona), "Protection solaire factor 5", Estudi 2x3 Gallery, Sant Antoni de Calonge (Girona), "Mostra del producte artesanal" (October 1999 - January 2000), Centre Catalá d'Artesania - Generalitat de Catalunya (C.I.D.E.M.) and Art Centre Gallery (Granada).
2000: 10th June: inauguration of the branch of Meko Gallery in Milan (Italy); 29th November: "Prudenci Sánchez i Carmen Pintor X anys després", an exhibition to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Meko Gallery (Barcelona) and Art Centre Gallery (Mataró).
2001: "A-m punt joies punt net", ‘Primavera del diseño’, Meko Gallery (Barcelona and Milan).
She was selected by the World Gold Council for "El renacimiento del oro amarillo", exhibition that was inaugurated in June at Vicenzaoro International Fair in Italy.
2003: “Joia: Colors” with Mercè Juvé and Mar Gómez, l'Any del Disseny, Art Centre Gallery (Barcelona). She also participates in “Reliquies”, Foment de les Arts Decoratives (Barcelona).
2004: “Nomes Propios, nº 7” with the ‘Monográficos de Xoiería Contemporánea’, Noroeste Gallery (Santiago de Compostela). She also participates in “Medallas contra la Guerra”, Alea Gallery (Barcelona). It is an itinerant exhibition organized by Velvet Da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco (USA).
“Sa força de sa natura”, Nura Gallery (Mallorca).
2004/2008: “L'aparador de la diversitat”, Meko Gallery (Barcelona). She designs the annual postcards and participated in the first cycle (2004).
2005/2006: “Camí amb solitari” (collective exhibition), Centre d'Artesania (Generalitat de Catalunya). She also participated in a collective contemporary jewellery exhibition within the “Circuit d'art, art i joia”m Art Centre Gallery (Andorra).
2007: “Haiku”, Semana de l'Enjoia't, Meko Gallery (Barcelona).

 Other Interesting Aspects

1987: Design Contest (second prize), Spanish Association of Gemology (Barcelona).
1993: “Un Pin” (winner and finalist with two designs), organized by JOYEX (winning work: ‘Miro a Miró’; selected work: ‘Seis Cuerdas’. (A thousand copies of the winning design were made to be distributed in the International Fair of Basel, 1993).
1994: She was awarded a trophy in the "Nit del Empresari" for her career, Palace Hotel (Barcelona).
2003: She was recorgnized as “Mestre Artesà” in jewellery by the Centre Català d'Artesania (Generalitat de Catalunya). With s&oacutelo 41 a&ntildeos, she has become one of the youngest jewellers prized with the distinction granted to those artisans with a long professional career.