Xan Vieito

Category: Painter
Birth Place: Vilachán de Abaixo – Negreira (A Coruña)
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He has participated in various cultural activities (theatre, photography and music) since his childhood. He lived in Vilachán de Abaixo (Negreira), Santiago de Compostela, Valencia, Gijón and Vigo. Although he considers himself as an autodidact, he studied painting and engraving in several public and private schools in the cities where he lived and carried out his first exhibitions. He travelled all around several countries, being really impressed by Paris and New Orleans, where he spent long periods of time. These two cities influenced his work. His works can be found in several public institutions both in Spain and Portugal as well as in private collections in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, France, England and USA.

 Work & Activities

-1998: Forum Metropolitano, A Coruña (October), Athenaeum, Ferrol (November), ‘Centro Cívico’, Santa Cruz - Oleiros (November), Área Central, Santiago (December), Hospital Xeral, Vigo (December) and Obelisco Gallery, A Coruña (December).
-1999: Casa da Xuventude, Ourense (February), Centro Multifuncional, O Carballiño (March), Cultural Centre, Ribadavia (March), A Fábrica – Allariz (April), Cultural Centre, O Barco de Valedorras (April), St Francis Cloister, Viveiro (May), ‘Goisarte 99’, Gois - Portugal (August), Medical Association, Pontevedra (August), ‘I Encontro marítimo fluvial de pintura’, Figueira da Foz - Portugal (August) and Municipal Library, Pontevedra (December).
-2000: ‘Atelier Alambique’, Vale da Silva - Portugal (January), Outra Marxen Gallery, Coimbra - Portugal (February), Cultural Centre, Cangas (February), Casa Galega da Cultura, Vigo (April), ‘Primeiros encontros de Galuart na Casa Museo A Mangallona’, Cangas (Pontevedra), ‘Gois Arte 2000’, Gois - Portugal (July), ‘Pazos do Concello’, Montemor - Portugal (September), Medical Association, Pontevedra (September), Heras Gallery, Porriño - Pontevedra (October) and Aveiro University Foundation, Aveiro - Portugal (October).
-2001: Provincial Museum, Sintra - Portugal (January), ‘Goisarte 2001’, Gois - Portugal (July), ‘Arte no Morrazo’, Cangas - Pontevedra (July) and Autumn Saloon, Circle of painters and sculptors from Quebec, Montreal – Canada (October).
-2002: Cultural Centre, Poio - Pontevedra (August), Homage to Juan Oliveira, Porriño – Pontevedra (January), Cultural Centre, Poio - Pontevedra (March), First Spring Saloon, Moaña – Pontevedra, Arga Gallery (April) and ‘Goisarte 2002. Entre montes e mares’, Gois - Portugal (July).
-2003: ‘NADIR. Camiño de Compostela’, Galician Centre, Lisbon (April), going on in Porto, Tui, Santiago...
-2005: ‘Parador Nacional de Santo Estevo de Rivas do Sil’, Ourense (March).

-1998: Poio’s Monastery, Poio - Pontevedra (August), Cultural Centre, Pontevedra (September) and ‘Púbitos’, Salamanca (October).
-1999: Palace Gallery, Viseu - Portugal (December) and Caixa de Aforros, Pontevedra (September).
-2000: ‘Atelier Alambique’, Vale da Silva - Portugal (January) and ‘Pazos do Concello’, Montemor - Portugal (September).
-2001: Homage to José de Larra, Cultural Centre, Bueu - Pontevedra (August) and Hera Gallery, Porriño – Pontevedra (October).
-2002: Soutomayor Castle, Pontevedra (May) and Cultural Centre, Cangas - Pontevedra (June).
-2004: Desván Gallery (April).
-2005: Casino, A Toxa - Pontevedra (May).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is a foundation member of GALUART (Association of Plastic and Visual Artists from Galicia and Portugal). He participated in ‘I Encontro Marítimo Fluvial de Pintura’, Figueira da Foz – Portugal (1999) and ‘Primeiros Encontros de Galuart’, ‘A Mangallona’ Museum, Cangas (Pontevedra). He was a foreign artist invited in ‘Goisarte 2001 and 2005’, Gois - Portugal.