Xaime Garrido Rodríguez

Category: Architect
Birth Date: 7th July 1938
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)
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After studying Secondary Education in Vigo, he moved to Madrid to attend the pre-university course and enter St Fernando School of Fine Arts and the Architecture School, taking his degree in 1966. He has been practising as an architect and town planner and done over two thousand projects for private and official centres. From 1968 to 1973, he worked as an architect in the City Council of Baiona (Pontevedra), defending its architectonic and historic heritage. From 1994 to 1998, he was the technical adviser of Vigo University. He is a foundation member of the Institute of Studies on Vigo and he was a member of the Culture Commisssion of the Galician Association of Architects for many years (he was also its president). He was awarded the Research Prize of the County Council of Pontevedra (in 1986 and 1989) and the eighth edition of ‘Irmáns Gómez Román’ Urbanism and Architecture Prize in 2000.

 Work & Activities

Xaime Garrido published the following books: Fortalezas de la antigua provincia de Tuy (1987 and 2001; 252 pages), Vigo, la ciudad que se perdió (1991, 1992, 1994 and 2001 developed edition; 500 pages), Arquitectura da pedra en Vigo (2000, 455 pages and 800 illustrations) y El puerto de Vigo, síntesis histórica (2001, 359 pages, illustrations in colour). In collaboration with Xosé M. Ramón Iglesias Veiga, he published: Manuel Gómez Román mestre da arquitectura galeguista (1995, 205 pages), Vigo, arquitectura urbana (2 volumes) (2000, 921 pages) and Percorridos pola arquitectura viguesa (2003, 232 pages). In collaboration with Lena S. Iglesias Rouco, he published the book Vigo, arquitectura modernista 1900-1920 (1980, 115 pages).

 Other Interesting Aspects

As an archaeologist, he discovered the Palaeolithic station of Pontevedra (Gondomar) and placed over four hundred materials at Pontevedra’s Museum. As a photographer, he took thousands of photographs and carried out the exhibitions ‘Arquitectura modernista de Vigo’ in 1980 and “Castelos de Galicia” in 1995. As a publicist, he collaborated with many works in magazines and newspapers.