Victorino Abente Lago

Pseudonym: Moraben and Tío Comandulas
Category: Poet
Birth Date: In 1846 (†In 1935)
Birth Place: Muxía (A Coruña)

He studied Medicine in Santiago but he devoted himself to poetry. In 1869, he emigrated to Paraguay and one year later he began to collaborate with the Paraguayan newspaper El Pueblo, signing a section titled ‘Mesa revuelta’.

 Work & Activities

He published poems such as ‘La quygua vera’, ‘El beso’, ‘La ramera’, ‘Silogismos’, ‘Sonetos’, ‘La Sibila paraguaya’, ‘El oratorio de la Virgen de la Asunción’ and ‘Salto Guaira’. In 1887, he published Poemas satíricos y gozosos. He returned to Galicia and published the poem ‘Volta prá Terra’ and the verse legend La novia del marinero (A Coruña, 1882), but shortly after he definitively went back to Paraguay.