Fernando López Juárez

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 Work & Activities

CHILDREN’S LITERATURE: ‘O anano saltareiro’, Kalandraka Editora, (2000), it was also published in English by HANSOL (2003); ‘O soño de Ánxela’, Everest Galicia, A Coruña (2000); A leiteira, Kalandraka Editora, Pontevedra (2000), it was also published in English by HANSOL (2003); ‘Micifú e os seus amigos’, Everest Galicia, A Coruña (2001); ‘Pipo pastor de xoaniñas’, Everest Galicia, A Coruña (2001); ‘O home máis rico do mundo’, Kalandraka Editora, Pontevedra (2002), it was also published in English by HANSOL, Korea (2003), ‘Indo O Samain’, Everest Galicia, A Coruña (2002); ‘Contos de Encantamentos’, Edicións Xerais de Galicia, Vigo (2002) and ‘The land where one never die’, Oxford University Press, London (2004).

YOUNG PEOPLE’S LITERATURE: ‘Moko’; Bahía Edicións, A Coruña (1999); ‘Brumoso’, Edicións Xerais de Galicia, Vigo (1999); ‘Querido Iván’, Everest Galicia, A Coruña (2001); ‘Crónicas de Pridain’. LLoyd Alexander, Alfaguara, Madrid (2003), five covers for the Spanish edition; ‘Las Tierras Bajas’, Alfaguara, Madrid (2004), illustration and cover design, three inner illustrations. He also illustrated literature and textbooks for the following publishing houses: Edebé, Magisterio Casals, Everest and Bahía...

ANIMATION: He entered BREN ENTERTAIMENT/ FILMAX in December 2000, participating in the following projects: ‘Goomer’, (26X26.2D,3D) a TV serial produced by Filmax, he worked as an artistic direction assistant for two years; ‘Pinocchio 3K’ (a 3D animation film), he made additional designs in this coproduction of BREN/FILMAX Spain, CINEGROUPE Canada and OKIDOKI France for fourth months; ‘El Cid. The Legend’ (a 2D, 3D animation film), FILMAX Animation, Photoshop artist; ‘Cartoon Forum’ (spot, 1´30´´), he was responsible for the design and artistic direction; ‘Donkey. Xote’ (a 3D film). He was responsible for the artistic department, concept art, additional designs, texture, colour and illumination and matte painting.

-GRAPHIC HUMOUR: he collaborated in ‘Xatentendo.com’, a weekly supplement of La Voz de Galicia (A Coruña) for a year; ‘Story-board’ for several advertising campaigns of IMAXE (A Coruña) and ‘Toda clase de pieles’ with Federico Luppi, a short written and directed by Manu Mayo.
-POSTER DESIGN: he made the poster for the reading promotion campaign (Xunta de Galicia).

 Other Interesting Aspects

PRIZES, MENTIONS AND COLLABORATIONS:He got a special mention at the Poster Illustration Contest for promoting the Children and Young People’s Book Week, organized by the OEPLI (Spanish Organization for the Children and Young People’s Book), Madrid (2001).
CLIJ (‘Cadernos de Literatura Infantil e Xuvenil’), Barcelona, nº 119, September 1999.
‘AUTORRETRATO’, interview and illustrations, a good critic of ‘O anano saltareiro’.
‘Children’s books from Galicia’, a guide of Galician illustrators for the International Children’s Book Fair, Bologna, 1999, 2001 and 2002 (Xunta de Galicia).
He met with some favourable criticism in the following magazines: ‘Eidos do Libro’ nº 2, ‘Fada morgana’ nº 3 and ‘Culturas’ nº 56, 2nd year, supplement of La Voz de Galicia.

Web pages: www.fernandojuarez.com and www.illustrationweb.com/FernandoJuarez/